Le Caperdu and le Moulin de Moon are managed with ecological sensitivity. Your holiday will help to establish forest around both houses and aid the conservation of local wildlife.

More than six hectares of pasture are being restored to woodland by an extensive tree planting project. Following an earlier one hectare planting six hundred young trees including oak, ash, hawthorn, field maple, beech, willow and hornbeam were planted during the winter 2010-11. Over the next few years these growing trees will offer a significant local wildlife haven.

Visitors can follow a two kilometer trail through the developing woodland and enjoy a widening range of wildlife. The trail passes through the Caperdu forest and then loops back along the valley of the Elle to the house. Many types of small birds can be seen (and heard) and larger birds including buzzards, kestrels and the rare black woodpecker are present. Roe deer, foxes, badgers and hares pass through but are rarely seen in daylight.

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